Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm lucky, but they are luckier =(

My friends are all luckier and luckiest.
-they have someone who can bring them out
-they have someone who always treat them
-they always talk about the best of their someone
-they + their someone cannot live without each other.
-they can't breath properly if they not seeing each other even for a day.
-they have someone who can relieve their pain.
-they have someone who always take care of them.
-they have someone who buy anything they wishes.
-they have someone who keep telling that she's beautiful.
-they have someone who always on the phone with her.
-they have someone who brags about her to his friends.
-they have someone who loves to write about them.
-they have someone who deathly fall in love with them.

they are luckier. :) im happy when they are happy. :).

 my friends are dating
my friends are picnic
my friends are playing kite
my friends are watching movies

I'm all alone in the room.
No one with me.
No one call me.
No one ask me whether I'm sick
No one ask me about my toothache.
No one ask me whether I had my dinner.
Completely with no one.
I miss my luckier friends, they always with me when they has "no someone". =( 

* u know why i wrote this.*

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