Wednesday, November 10, 2010

After Sometimes
See my header..
I made it.
Oh My God.
I am now can't stop staring at my blog.
I made it.
Yeah. I am Super Happy.

Lamanya tak jenguk blog!
Tapi masih Busy Exam.
1 more paper left.
Rasanya semalam aku dah membakar 1 subject.
Seriously I don't know what the questions want.
Criminal Law. You're my favourite subject. But I can't do it.
I might don't want see you again next semester.
I really hope I don't
Tp if I passed,it is miracle, but if I failed, it's expected.

apa-apa pon.
still got 1 more paper to go.
Family Law II
I wish I can do it.
Wish me luck :)

Got to go now.
the books, statutes,notes are screaming calling my name.

Eyh2! to my little cute sister.
Happy 18th Birthday
Wish U luck in your life.
I wish u can be a really great engineer in the future.
hehe. I love you.:)
[omg.i don't have ur picture with me since my lappy jahanam. 
takpe lah later ok.]


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