Monday, January 24, 2011

hotel hello kitty?? OMG! I AM DESPERATELY WANNA BE THERE!!

                  Well, I am a person who is very very obsessed with pink.
Seriously. It's some kind of weird addiction. Sort of lah.
So.. Those who think that they will vomit if keep reading this post, please click close box up there. Thank you!
Anyway. Since I love pink. I love Hello Kitty too!
Auuwhh. the pink cat are soooo adorable!
I can't handle myself if I saw them!
and,and, and it's happened when I knew that the HELLO KITTY HOTEL is exist!!
I screeaaammmmmm!
Because I am desperately wanna be there! Damn it!
I can't do it. not enuf money.blergh!
anyway, one day if I become rich and very successful lawyer. Seriously I'll be there.Weheee!
OK! I'm CRAzeeeeh!

 even the toilet aree adorableeeeeeeee.......

Can you see there are Hello Kitty mascot?
That kitty are the waitress!

I start to dream to renovate my parent's house. OMG!
btw, this is the view from the outside.
So lovely :)

Name: Hello Kitty Townhouse Hotel, Hsinchu, Taiwan
        GRAND HI-LA HOTEL, Kaohsiung Taiwan

uwarghh..I wanna be there..
Somebody helpppp!

and tetibe jugak..Iternampak ni waktu busy mengoogle td. :)

gaun pengantin Hello Kitty ;)

and yang ini jugak..

 mop ni I mampu kot jgn harap I bg ibu I pinjam wat mop lantai.hahahaha!

udahlah..menangis I dibuatnya kalau tgk mende ni lame2 T________T

notakaki: kalau aku ada anak perempuan akan datang, aku akan buat bilik diorang cm hotel ni..wakaka! gila kaya ko pka!

and awak semua tak nampak ke kite ade cursor Hello Kitty? =P


  1. kih3..nnti nak p tdo umah pka la.. suh anak pka tdo luar..hahahaha

  2. bluewendy- hahahaha! jgn haraaaap!

    budak kampung- doremon pon best tapi hello kitty comel :)

  3. ala... takpe2..nnti anak pka dah tdo, yus angkat die ltk luar...hahahhaa:P

  4. yus- takde keje ke nak angkat anak orang.hahaha!

  5. myul- jom la pegi.hik3

    anony- best sgt2