Sunday, January 2, 2011

♥ How was your new year? ♥

Hi readers?!
How's your new year started?
mine is pretty cool huh! :)

I don't know how to tell it. But I believe the pictures will explain everything :)

 See! the pictures tells everything. I am so happy that night :)
those are the pictures where 2011 is celebrated.
went out with no grapes :(
But new friends and grapes model to end our 2010 with karaoke and started our 2011 with 'cop tiang' which  is too child enuff to play but we found it as very2 fun and great game to play when we are grows enuff.haha
*mesti korang tak tahu ape tu cop tiang.right? *

haha! not to forget. the grapes went to fy's for freeeeeeee lunch n freeee karaoke!.it's so fun.thanks fai! :)
.here some pictures.


  1. uihh...mmg bes time nih,mmg tak dapat di lupakan!!

    alahai..sempat agi berpossing dpn kete tuh..caya lah!