Saturday, January 1, 2011

Syafiqa Syeba's Resolutions ♥

Again hi 2011 !♥

And these are my new year resolutions.
 And I hope & promise to myself to fullfill those.
Insya-Allah :) spend my money wisely as in to cut down my shopping investment.urgh. study hard and finish my 3rd year in uia with glory. aicheh!
#. to learn how to have an income.* sigh* diet. to gym. to stay healty. :) strengthen my relationship with ALLAH, Family, GRAPES, Rumates and my all friends
#. to smile more and to stress less :)
#. to breakup with JUNKFOOD go to bed early and get rid of eyebags have lots and lotttsss of friends and stay hahahappy. get only 3pairs of shoes this year . :( wish that my 2011 will b great in its 365days
# to fulfill all above :) :)

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