Tuesday, February 15, 2011

parents, i am a grown up daughter

abah,ibu, papa, mama
can u see I already grown up?

thanks to u guys.
u just raised me perfectly.
and i am now a strong girl.
u showered my with loves;
and I am really happy
and I will never ever forget everything good u've done to me

thank for:

abah and ibu
the persons who let me to see the world
and let me breath and still alive till today
raised me with good foods, educations, and challenges.
tought me about the responsibilities, patient and what life is all about.

papa and mama
showers me with loves, attentions, cares.
eventho I'm already a big girl now,
but they still treat me like I am their lil diva.

thanks to them
for raising me as a good girl
no one can replace them.
I swear
they are the best parents in the world


*p/s: Ya Allah, kasihanilah ibu bapaku sebagaimana mereka mengasihani aku sewaktu aku kecil. Makbulkanlah segala impian aku, agar aku dapat membalas jasa mereka selagi mereka masih hidup. Amin~*

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