Monday, April 4, 2011

Almost Tak Pergi Final Exam!

Semalam paper Land law. study dengan Myna, Iliya. & yana almost 24hours. bukan nya study last minute. tapi sebab uia xbg revision week. n gap exam plak just 1 hari ntuk 3 papers.

the night yg besok nye exam, I struggled hard nak tido awal. Tapi, kerana risau punya pasal for subject yg contains 16chapter n more than hundred cases ni.nak lelap pon tak boleyh. asik pikir jer.

so I set my alarm at 5.30, 6.30 and 7.30 am for the purposed of nk buat revision.. fyi, exam I pukul 9.okeh!
and I dont know when exactly I fall asleep. and bangun2 je. guess what??

It's 8.30am!

giler lah. almost late for final exam!!! I never think,even once in my life yang I akan bgn lewat to final exam.and it's superr TEROK! I almost ruined up my life..

So as a cherry on top, I xsempat buat revision, I kejot my roomate utk anta g exam, I sgt takot time exam.
and pssstt... I mandi OK. cume sgt kejap.hahaha. Tapi alhamdulillah, berkat I buat discussion selame 24jam tu, memberi hasil. the cases still glued in my head till the exam ended. pheww~ life reduced for 10years.hahaha

So kawan2, doakan I ok.? to family. ika tawu kamu semua bace my blog. doakan k. I love you guys. see you on 10th April.

*mood: baru lepas tgk ABPBH. Setelah sehari mentelaah di library.*

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