Tuesday, November 27, 2012

for you

I vow to help you love life
To always hold you with tenderness
And to have the patience that love demands
To speak when words are needed
And to share the silence when they are not
To live within the warmth of your heart
And always call it home

I remember watching The Vow with one of my life
and right way after we went home
He told me those words
Quoting every single words uttered by Leo, 
in my phone
in my twitter
which made me a happiest women in this world
happiest girl on the earth

He'd said
"I vow to love you, and no matter what challenges might carry us apart, we will always find a way back to each other."

 and he still kept his promise
and I would say that nothing is more magic than this
Allah has listened to my pray, my inside words, my cries
It worth my every second
by thinking
we will back for each other
And as long as I believes in Allah faith and destiny

thanks Allah for granted my prayer
thank love for keeping your promises
I love you


I vow
to see you as you are
accept you as you will be
love you always even when the world hates you most
I vow
to run all the red lights I can
to make sure you are all right
and to allow you to love me
for all of my faults
and my addiction to tasty cakes
mostly I vow
to accept you
and love you as the punches come
no matter the cost
and find my way back to you
no matter how far the world tries to drag us apart
and I vow
to try to be your very best chapter
the most favourite channel
in your entire life
until Allah calls me to HIS home
Insya Allah.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

10-11-12 Fairuz Wedding!

Alhamdulillah. our grapes, Fairuz Khalisah are now a wife to Zarf! thanks to Allah for making their love story end up with wedding! congratulation to you my lovely Khalisah. You're so pretty as white rose this morning. Love you!
After Nikah

she's now a wife
Apparently, I am so jealous  but I am so so so HAPPY for them! Selamat Pengantin Baru, Semoga jodoh mereka dipanjangkan hingga ke syurga. Cepat dapat cute babies!