Wednesday, April 7, 2010


it's April.. April always be the best month to me instead of November.Why? Because the name April is so cute for me..and the best thing is, my final exam ended on 2nd april will be the best month for me... i'm ready to go home.. wanna hug mom n dad!

Sometimes, we didn't realized that our simple, tiny and annoying blog could become a middle of everything to someone. We may think that our blog are so annoying. even an alien will not read our post. or it might be a blog that where we are the only readers and writers. by the way, it is a good news for me because I have a fan for my blog.
Well now I know, a blog may change someone.. not to become others..but to become who he or she should be. It's mean, it helps a lot right? then, I should be happy..

BTW, thing that I wanted to say the most is I am so sad. My 320gb external hard disk was broken..again.. the message shows that it is because the Internet connection. It could not be formatted after I tried so many times. I lost everything.. I don't know how to express my feeling but, I am so sad. I don't know whether it still have chance to recover again.

Secondly, I am going back TOMORROW! 8th April 2010.! With my kakak a.k.a as "nenek" or "Ain". She will come and fetch me up tomorrow..Oh My God. Can't wait.. Everything is ready.My bag, my shoes, my lappy, my Jenny..everything is packed!

The thing is, I will feel sad to leave all my friends here. Fatim, Paper, Marinie and Fy.. I'll miss them for two weeks. Btw, the plan has changed.. I'm going back on Friday and Marinie will follow me to Kluang.Horrayy!. She will be staying at my house for 5days.Mom gonna be excited to hear dis! She love Marinie and Fatim very much..( I'm jealous) hehe..

So there will be so much thing that we can do at home. Baking, Cooking, Badminton, Movies, and lot of other stuff to do! yes..Getting more and more excited..

Btw, since I still in UIA.. I just thinking about what to do and not to do after this.. and I just can't wait to hug mom and dad! I miss them so much.. I knew that they miss me too..

So I just, Can't wait to go home.. Really Really Can't Wait..

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