Thursday, May 5, 2011

Karma exist?

8years back, there was a teacher who always look down on me. He told me once that I am not that good in English and Mathematics because my father already told me what were the question that will come in the exams. He never believed that I can get good marks in exam if it is not because of my father. He also told me that the SPM will show me how bad is me in the academics. But now I can prove to him that I'm good. I even studying law and tomorrow I'll be in his son hearing who caught up for drugs. I'll be there and I'll be seating next to the DPPs and the counsels. He'll be there because he was the guarantor. I can't wait.

I'll tell him that my father never help me in my Law' course because my father is only an academician who knows nothing about my studies. And I still survive in UIA even without anyone tell me what will come in the exam every time I face the exams. And I only ask my father's pray instead of asking him what will come in the exam.

It will be great,right? the karma is begin to show that they are exist in this world.

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