Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolutions of 2012

Happy New Year 2012 to all.
How was your new year's celebration? Share with me lah!
For me, I hope everything is just fine and the 2012 will be a great year for me.  Unlike 2011 yang dah breach its promise to me. Sedih sangat-sangat. A lot of things happened last year. And even the tragedies were prevail over the good things.The tragedies includes; I lost friends, laptop, my new phone was broken, my skin affected pimples, gained weight, my kakak went to London, I even failed one test paper during mid-terms. The good things pulak includes; my best friends still remains as besties until now *Marinie, Fairuz, Paper, Fatin, Yus a.k.a Wendy*, Increased number of new friends, Got offers from some legal firms for my chambering sebab practical, and I met Mr.Edward towards the end of the year.

So,for my 2012. I don't expect much because I don't want to feel disappointed with it towards the end of the year. So, let me do listing! :)

1. Save money more *oh btw, I dapat banyak tabung for birthday presents from my lovelies.*
2. To shop less
3. To study hard *this year gonna be my final year*
4. Graduate from this law school

* Bila dah grad, baru boleh pikir pasal all this thing.
- chambering, kerja
-kumpul assets
- Wedding
okey. itu saje.


  1. semoga ape yang di impikan tercapai cayunk!! =)

  2. kakak pegi London bukan tragedi laaaaaa... :p

  3. Bluewendy: insyaAllah

    Cik Deby: Hahahaha. perkataan tragedy tu sungguh tragedik kan.