Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year ols!

Hi 2011. I think it is not too late to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. I'm glad that 2010 has finally ended. For me 2010 was not my favourite year because it less with happiness and a tough year to me. Especially between me and my family will i will keep it as private forever. :(

Thanks to ALLAH, with His Blessing our hard time now ended. We closed our 2010 together with full of smile and lights and happiness.
2010 also was the year where the GRAPES has its name. The GRAPES always stay the coolest and we loves each other very much.thanks darlings.

What I want to say is..
BYE to 2010 means BYE to the the broken hearted, to all broken promises, to stupid tears that always came out, to so much expenses that I spent for fools things, to the lazinest of studying
and to everything that cos me being freak, stupid, immatured and moneyless and oh! I'm laptopless.haha..
and I hope 2011 will makesmile and smile and smile in its 365days.

happy new year :)

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